Meet Carie:

Hey, hello! So about me… I’m a self-taught, natural-light photographer. I’m based in Riverside County, CA & am most definitely available for travel. Everyday momma to my two incredible girlies is my favorite role. My hubs & I are the best of friends & mostly enjoy eating & lounging together. I grew up in Orange County, CA. I went to college in San Francisco & Long Beach. I spent my childhood as a competitive swimmer. Before totally committing to my photography business, I was an elementary school teacher for sixteen years. I like to say I traded one passion for another. I’m obsessed with frozen yogurt, fashion, make up, great deals, primitive antiques, & bracelets are my favorite accessory. I shoot Canon (5D Mark ii & 30D as back-up). Sometimes when I’m feeling extra-artsy I shoot film (Canon Elan & Holga).

As for my artistic style, I’m inspired by movement, light & emotion. The best light is the light that evokes mood in some way. That’s what I’m searching for. Maybe it’s a pocket of light, maybe it’s a dramatic shadow, or maybe it’s gray, golden, or delicious. I want to tell your story. I’m finding the in between moments. My hope is that my images will make you feel something.

Let’s connect! Let’s shoot!! Thanks for being here.  Email: cariecruzphoto@gmail.com.  Cell:  714.318.8244


photo courtesy of Lovato Images